HITCH for Vendors

Vendors directly benefit from enhanced interoperability testing in eHealth as proposed by HITCH. By joining cross-vendor testing events, establishing interoperability quality management systems in-house and utilizing a multitude of available eHealth testing tools, they deliver products with significant higher quality and therefore highly reduce costs of fixing live systems and providing expensive hours of support to their customers. All these issues are approached by the HITCH project!

In particular, HITCH will work on

  • establishing a list of (mainly) freely available open source eHealth testing tools that can be used for testing eHealth applications before letting them go live;
  • guidelines how to establish interoperability testing within the company and product cycle by providing a Quality Management System framework for interoperability testing;
  • a vision how a future quality labelling or certification approach may look like in Europe, thus giving the possibility to check and align internal processes accordingly in the forefront;
  • the integration of HITCH results into the IHE testing workflows, i.e. companies participating in IHE Connectathons will directly benefit from an enhanced testing workflow at the Connectathon itself but also for the mandatory pre-testing.